Thursday, 6 October 2011

Politicians, Police Or Public (Who is the culprit)

According to me the main culprit should be the politican. Because politicans are the representatives of people. People elect them for the sake of their welfare. Because general people have no time to spend their time in welfare works. Because they are so busy in their day to day life that they couldn't get the time. That's why they elect politicians. But the politicians in todays society are so currupt that they only think about their welfare but not the public welfare.
They entered in politics just to earn money. It is kind of an income source for them. It became a profession today.
What is happening in todays society is just because of politicians. Most of the politicians came from "man power" means "murderer's". Just because they have got leadership quality they are elected. But as they are not the Socialist Class they are not much aware of the development point of view.
To secure rescue their seat, they can compromise everything. They can go to any level.
Why I am only blaming the politicians because in case of police, they are only the servants of Govt. they work according to the Govt. order. They have Gun but they don't have the permission to fire it. In many cases police has to face many problem in controlling the law and order situation. They are eligible to control the situation but they don't have the permission. They have to wait for the order, and when the order came, the situation goes out of order.
So, this is my view. If you have any suggestions please reply.

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