Thursday, 6 October 2011

Arrange Marriage Vs. Love Marriage

People say that marriages are created in heaven. Everybody have their fixed life-partner. I heard in some mythology that a wife is born from the bone of an husband. So they are complementary to each other. People thought that a wife is not similar to a husband, but in today both of them are dependent to each other.

Let's talk about Marriages

In any marriage two persons from different backgrounds, culture, personality traits, with two different identities come together so the clashes of personalities, ideas, values and dreams is bound to be there.
In a love marriage the couple in question meets for limited period and they try to portray their best qualities to each other. Couples, who say that they want to understand, know each other before marriage are living in a fool’s paradise.In love marriage two people meet first time and they fall in love with each other. They try to express their feelings to each other. After some days they explain their best personalities. But gradually when they became familiar, everything goes some other ways. They overcome their demerits or shortcomings. They know each other's good/bad things. But some people say that in love marriage we already know the person whom we are going to marry. But that is not enough. In arrange marriage also people can understand themselves easily in few days. For me what is important is how the couple adjusts to each other after marriage, how the couple adopts the values of each other, how much the couple is ready to change as per the likes of other person yet maintain his/her individuality.Our vedic tradition is getting strong in overseas countries, but we are adopting failed strategy of western culture. If one’s fate is to suffer in married life, no one can help. Deceiving parents and leaving aged parents in dust bin, no one will be happy in their love. Without parents blessings and support, no marriage will be successful. Time will teach everyone a good lesson.i think love marriage marriage is a intial struggle but a life time of satsifaction to grow old with some one you love……on the other hand arrange marriage is for some one who cannot get a patner, social status reasons,security……etc…So better choose yourself which one is better.

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