Monday, 17 October 2011

How to make your life happy

People are always worried about being in relationship whatever it is, including marriage, for many reasons, some of which are related to previous experience and others are related to popular beliefs about relationships and marriage. For example, when people experience an unsuccessful relationship they might become more careful and worried about their next relationship. Besides, a lot of people believe that it is hard to be in a happy relationship for a long time and troubles will come sooner or later, especially when it comes to marriage. In spite of these worries, people continue to make relationships hoping their stories are different or wishing to have a good luck with their partners. However, it isn't impossible to have a stable and happy relationship in spite of all difficulties and problems that face all people in-relationship through concentrating on some important points, such as, communication, acceptance, and having fun, and people will notice how their relationship will turn upside down. See Vancouver escorts.

To begin with, one crucial point that many couples might miss is communication, which is a basic pillar in any kind of relationships. Unfortunately, mis-communication is one major factor that contributes to separation and relationships destruction for many reasons. First, when partners don't communicate, they miss the support of each other when they face hard times, which increases the gap between them. For example, a partner might have a problem in work and feel upset, but the other may have no idea about that and can't, therefore, support the former with the absence of communication. Or, sometimes a serious problem might face children and it might be compounded by lack of communication in the family. Second, it happens that people assume their partners feel they are upset and wait for their support, and they'll be more upset when they get no response because they don't conduct their suffering verbally.

In addition, acceptance is another factor that helps people in-relationship recover their happiness and maintain their relationships. Acceptance can include many sides, for example, people must accept their partners the way they are. Check Toronto escorts. It is well known that no one is perfect, and people like to see their partners in the best picture. Therefore, they might try to change each other and here is the problem because it could be impossible to change people, and if partners couldn't accept them as they are, their life together could be threatened with separation. Another example of acceptance is accepting situations that are annoying and inevitable and try to live normal life through these situations, for being upset all the time could make the relationship boring and annoying.

Last but not least, it is very important to have fun in order to make your life happy and relationships successful. Because of life difficulties, people sometimes forget to have fun; pressure at work, losing job, and recession may last for a long time and may make people forget having fun. Therefore, throwing a party, having a dinner outside, and going on vacation for few days are a good tactic to refresh life and add some thrill to relationships.

All in all, it isn't impossible to make life and relationships happy and stable through concentrating on some points, such as, acceptance, having fun, and communication.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Money is a curse or blessing

Money is a medium of transaction. In today's world we can't live without money. For everything, we need money. But too much of everything is bad. When we think beyond our imagination it is good but when we are more than ambitious it will become curse. Suppose a beggar will always be a beggar, suppose he wins a lottery of 1 crore, what he will do with that, he will get confused. He cant think what to do with that. Some people feel that they and they alone are responsible for their success, that their intelligence and abilities made it so. This is the serious challenge of wealth: to not be deceived by your own ego but to remember that it is God who gives us the power to become prosperous. When you put money in perspective and recognize why it was given to you, it becomes a blessing instead of a curse. And by using your wealth for charitable purposes instead of spending it all on the desire of the moment, your money becomes eternal.
I have observed many people who have become extremely wealthy. In most cases, those who become very wealthy lose their psychological motivation to provide the means of support to their families. People who no longer have to earn money to survive unwittingly must turn to other things in order for them to seemingly have a purpose in society. And most of these other purposes are bad. Once anyone has achieved wealth, they usually turn to achieving power and influence in society and they are usually ill prepared to do things in the best interest of humankind. Rather, they turn to family wealth accumulation to create legacies much as the Pharos did in ancient Egypt.These days, our society is thinking about money all the time. And for good reason. I hope that the economic melt down will have at least one benefit for us. I hope it will force us to reconsider how we think about money, as individuals and as Jews. As a recent article in the New York Times reported, many people guilty of conspicuous consumption have seen this crisis as an opportunity to reexamine their lives. Much as the Great Depression taught a generation to conserve instead of spend, perhaps this downturn will have a similar effect.I challenge us to find the blessings that money provides, and to stay away from the curses so often tied up with money. If money goes in wrong hands it became a curse.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Politicians, Police Or Public (Who is the culprit)

According to me the main culprit should be the politican. Because politicans are the representatives of people. People elect them for the sake of their welfare. Because general people have no time to spend their time in welfare works. Because they are so busy in their day to day life that they couldn't get the time. That's why they elect politicians. But the politicians in todays society are so currupt that they only think about their welfare but not the public welfare.
They entered in politics just to earn money. It is kind of an income source for them. It became a profession today.
What is happening in todays society is just because of politicians. Most of the politicians came from "man power" means "murderer's". Just because they have got leadership quality they are elected. But as they are not the Socialist Class they are not much aware of the development point of view.
To secure rescue their seat, they can compromise everything. They can go to any level.
Why I am only blaming the politicians because in case of police, they are only the servants of Govt. they work according to the Govt. order. They have Gun but they don't have the permission to fire it. In many cases police has to face many problem in controlling the law and order situation. They are eligible to control the situation but they don't have the permission. They have to wait for the order, and when the order came, the situation goes out of order.
So, this is my view. If you have any suggestions please reply.

Arrange Marriage Vs. Love Marriage

People say that marriages are created in heaven. Everybody have their fixed life-partner. I heard in some mythology that a wife is born from the bone of an husband. So they are complementary to each other. People thought that a wife is not similar to a husband, but in today both of them are dependent to each other.

Let's talk about Marriages

In any marriage two persons from different backgrounds, culture, personality traits, with two different identities come together so the clashes of personalities, ideas, values and dreams is bound to be there.
In a love marriage the couple in question meets for limited period and they try to portray their best qualities to each other. Couples, who say that they want to understand, know each other before marriage are living in a fool’s paradise.In love marriage two people meet first time and they fall in love with each other. They try to express their feelings to each other. After some days they explain their best personalities. But gradually when they became familiar, everything goes some other ways. They overcome their demerits or shortcomings. They know each other's good/bad things. But some people say that in love marriage we already know the person whom we are going to marry. But that is not enough. In arrange marriage also people can understand themselves easily in few days. For me what is important is how the couple adjusts to each other after marriage, how the couple adopts the values of each other, how much the couple is ready to change as per the likes of other person yet maintain his/her individuality.Our vedic tradition is getting strong in overseas countries, but we are adopting failed strategy of western culture. If one’s fate is to suffer in married life, no one can help. Deceiving parents and leaving aged parents in dust bin, no one will be happy in their love. Without parents blessings and support, no marriage will be successful. Time will teach everyone a good lesson.i think love marriage marriage is a intial struggle but a life time of satsifaction to grow old with some one you love……on the other hand arrange marriage is for some one who cannot get a patner, social status reasons,security……etc…So better choose yourself which one is better.